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System Center 2012 – VMM networking Poster

I was surfing the web. I found a nice poste about virtualization and its infrastructure. I think it is interesting to see the poster.

The issue of networking in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 is more complex and offers several features so it is classified first. Microsoft has now released a poster that summarizes the most important information.

This poster for Virtual Machine Manager Networking helps …

  • … In planning the networks with the use of VMM VM Networks, Logical Networks and Logical Switches with different configurations as …

    … When configuring networks in VMM by taking the necessary steps for Fabric Administrator and / or tenant administrator are described;

    • VLAN-based configuration;
    • No insulation;
    • Network Virtualization;
    • Use external networks;
    • No Virtual Networking.
  • To understand the … Network Object Model and the corresponding links between the objects;
  • .. To understand how VMM can be extended with 3rd party plug-ins.


VMM_Networking_Poster.pdf (1.2 MB)