Compare VPN tunnel types in Windows

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I am sure you must have experienced VPN reconnect – a new IKEv2 based VPN tunnel that is added in Windows 7 that allows automatic and seamless switchover of an active VPN connection when the underlying Internet interface (connection) changes thus maintaining application persistence. Isn’t that COOL – like VPN user moving from Wifi to WWAN and back –  giving a true mobile connectivity to corpnet ! Yes it is…  This means, Windows7 in-built VPN client and Windows 2008 R2 […]

SYSVOL Folder Structure

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About each folder under the SYSVOL share in Domain Controller SYSVOL folder used to store a copy of the domain’s public files like system policies, Group Policy settings and logon/logoff scripts, which are replicated to all other domain controllers in the Active Directory domain through File Replication Services (FRS), You can find many folders inside the SYSVOL share, I would like to explore and explain each folder by how it’s used in the process of SYSVOL replication.

domain trust

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trusting domain and the trusted domain For the diagram above, we have the following summary: When you create a trust from the Account Domain (trusted), the type of trust will be “incoming trust”. When you create a trust from the Resource Domain (Trusting), the type of trust will be “outgoing trust”. Remember that Direction of Trust is the opposite to Direction of Access.

vSphere 5.5 new feutures

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Last night , I was looking for an article that i saw an article on virtualization .  I read this article . it will be useful for you and other friends I ‘m going to run in this version soon. And the complete results will be announced . for the full list please take a look at VMware’s document. 1. vCenter Server appliance gets bigger For a while now VMware has offered a Linux based appliance version of the Windows […]

Direct access technology

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Here is the list of all articles about Direct Access Technologies. i need to configure Direct access for students , so they must reading articles. this article is useful for helping Is Direct Access Really That Hard To Setup (No) or are we becoming IT Complacent (Yes)? Direct Access

10 Things to Know About Server Virtualization

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This is a guest post from David Malmborg who is working with Dell. Here are the 10 things to know about server virtualization and why your company should think about it. Recently I have shared my personal working experience on advantages of server virtualization.  The below points are similar to earlier article but with different view and explanation.  [source article] 1. Server Virtualization Closes the Gap Seen in Traditional Server Model Traditional server model uses one piece of hardware for […]

7 Advantages of Cloud Computing

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“Cloud computing has changed the rules of the game between the companies expanding their services using cloud computing.”  In recent years cloud computing services has growing continuously. Google has been one of the strongest company have providing a large range of cloud services, spearheaded Gmail, and a long list of solutions around covering virtually all areas (Maps, Reader, News, storage etc.). Microsoft , the other large consumer market, has also invested heavily in the full range of services and providing cloud computing services. Using […]

Slow logging into domain

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When you are facing slow logons into domain and you also get events 1030 and 1006 you need to look into your network. By default Kerberos uses UDP packets to communicate. You need to force Kerberos to use TCP instead of UDP by changing registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\ Kerberos\Parameters If it doesn’t exists just create it  Create DWORD key called MaxPacketSize and set it to value 1. For more infor there is official KB