A problem to type Persian in Linux

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I faced a problem in Linux to type Persian. I installed the Persian language in setting and after changing my keyboard, I couldn’t type Farsi. After investigating many websites, I noticed that this was a horrible bug. To solve this issue, you need to run a command runner (alt+f2) and type “r“. Then, you could choose Persian language and type Farsi in your Ubuntu. I had this horrible bug (before downgrading to 3.32) where I would start an app normally […]

Top 26 Tools for VMware Administrators

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Virtualization is one of the popular technologies that are implemented in many IT environments. to work on virtualization technologies such as VMware vSphere, Citrix Xen or Microsoft Hyper-v, there are lots of application and tools that could make you possible to manager yoru virtualized infrastructure. in this article, we are providing many tools for administrators that is challenging to keep track of them all. most of them will be very useful for engineers to manage effectively their infrastructure. you could […]

Learning the Azure Kubernetes service

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Kubernetes has emerged as the leader in the container orchestration and management platforms. However, this begs a question: Who will manage your Kubernetes Infrastructure? In this course, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) – The Big Picture, you will learn the skills to deploy a managed Kubernetes platform on Microsoft Azure without worrying about the underlying computer and management overhead. First, you will learn the fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes and see how it applies to a Microservices Architecture. Next, you will […]

Docker introduction

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Docker is an open platform management tool for Linux Containers. It provides a means for developers and system administrators to build and package applications into lightweight containers. Docker consists of the following components: Docker Engine – A portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool Docker Hub – A cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows Docker is used to create image-based application containers. Image-based containers package an application with the individual runtime stack into a single container. This makes the container-independent from […]

Azure Kubernetes service

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Microsoft announced during this week’s Build Conference that its Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), formerly known as “managed Kubernetes on Azure,” will reach general availability status “in the next few weeks.” The official name change to AKS was noted by Gabe Monroy, program manager lead on containers for Microsoft Azure. He also was the former CTO of Deis, a maker of open source tools for Kubernetes, a company that Microsoft acquired last year. The name change is worth noting because Microsoft has an Azure […]

The difference between VM and Container?

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One of the most interesting terms in virtualization that is appeared recently is containers. The containers offering a new layer of virtualization that are fit for packaging application. This type of virtualization allows to quickly build and deploy a large number of hosts or containers in a very short time and saves lots of time and money as compared to installing and deploying physical servers. Virtual machine ( VM )  have been around for a few years from now while […]

VCAP (VMware Certified Advanced Professional)… Why?

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From 2 years ago, I decided to take part in VMware certification. last year, I have achieved the first certificate. Subsequently, I have got familiar with the next stage to complete your understanding and knowledge on VMware technologies and therefore, starting to study for VCAP-DCV exam. I’m of the opinion that, it is more difficult than all VMware certification in VCP level. I have read many articles and blogs about VCAP and it has always been a very elusive goal. […]

Can I Virtualize ALL My DC’s In the Domain?

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With the advent of Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft has worked diligently to provide support for virtualization and allow corporations to reduce costs by virtualizing as much hardware as possible. New features in 2012 R2 help prevent USN rollback and/or Lingering objects via the new VM-Generation ID.  If a guest o/s is restored from a snapshot the VM-Generation Id that is stored in the DIT (msDS-GenerationID attribute on the DC’s computer object) is compared to the value on the Host.  If […]

10 Reasons Why Group Policy Fails to Apply

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Group Policy can be difficult to design, implement, and troubleshoot unless you are fully aware of the foundational concepts that drive Group Policy with Active Directory. There are many moving parts with Group Policy, not to mention the reliance that Group Policy has on Active Directory functioning properly. When making changes within a Group Policy Object (GPO) in hopes for a desired outcome, only to have Group Policy not working correctly can be very frustrating. many article is founded in […]

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