Enabling Firewall audit logging in windows

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In this article you can see how to enable audit logging for Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security can log firewall activity such as dropped packets or successful connections. By default the firewall log is: %windir%\system32\logfiles\firewall\pfirewall.log You can configure firewall logging by using Group Policy if desired. But what if you want to collect more detailed logging of firewall activity such as kernel mode connections/drops and other filtering activity? You can do this by enabling Windows […]

TCP / IP Reference Page

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There are some days that I’m going to study.Principles of Network and raw materials is very important¬†And that’s exactly what other fail in a new search i found a new site about TCP/IP refrence. I suggest you read this site: http://www.protocols.com/pbook/tcpip1.htm#Application