Understanding Lingering Objects in Active Directory and How To’s?

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There are some specific concepts in active directory which may put your environment in trouble if you do not attend to fix them as soon as you notice. One of them is Lingering objects. Defining the meaning of Lingering Objects (LO) is not difficult. Basically if an object in your active directory partitions exist in one or more domain controllers and not exist in the rest of the domain controllers in the same partition. So you may ask yourself how […]

10 Reasons Why Group Policy Fails to Apply

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Group Policy can be difficult to design, implement, and troubleshoot unless you are fully aware of the foundational concepts that drive Group Policy with Active Directory. There are many moving parts with Group Policy, not to mention the reliance that Group Policy has on Active Directory functioning properly. When making changes within a Group Policy Object (GPO) in hopes for a desired outcome, only to have Group Policy not working correctly can be very frustrating. many article is founded in […]

Server 2008R2 SP1 reboot and Srv2.sys Driver Hotfix

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last week , i try to work with Windows 2008 R2 server but my system restart frequently . after research i find Reboot problem. If these servers are using File Share or SMB v.2, srv2.sys may cause this problem. Srv2.sys driver is root cause of this problem. This is SMB 2.0 server driver. You can download hotfix KB2552033  for Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with your own risk until Microsoft officially release it.